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International shipping

International Express Methods


· Air Mail (International smaller parcel within 2kg)

· International Express(DHL, Fedex, UPS)

The International Express Company normally takes around 2-7 days to deliver a package to your country. There may be delays during high-demand holiday seasons.

Volume Charging: When shipping lightweight, bulky packages, use this formula:

Volume Weight = length*width*height (cm) of parcel / 5000

Airline charges are based on a minimum shipment density. The greater of the volume weight versus the actual weight of your packages will be used to calculate your shipping costs. For further details, please check on the Express company’s official website or contact us.

Note: We can handle most items, but we have accredited expertise in the following special freight types:

1. Ambient and temperature-controlled (dry, liquid, powdered)

2. Pharmaceutical products

3. Bulk products, including petrochemicals

4. Chemicals

5. Dangerous goods

6. Prohibited goods by customs or Express companies

EMS (China Post)

EMS will deliver packages within 3-15 working days. There may be delays during high-demand holiday seasons, reaching up to 10-30 working days.

The status of the parcel will appear and automatically update on the EMS website in three days after the item has been mailed (During holiday season, 5-6 working days). If you have not received the packages after 15 working days, please track the information on your local country's postal website or contact your local post office.

Air Mail, SAL parcel (Singapore post, China post, Russia post)

The International smaller package includes Air parcel and SAL parcel. Their prices are lower compared to EMS. Air Mail will deliver packages within 10 - 30 working days. There may be delays during high-demand holiday seasons, reaching up to 40 working days. If the package does not arrive after one month, please check your local post office tracking website for more information. International Air Mail will deliver packages (less than 2kg; Length, width, and height must all be less than 60cm) within 10 - 40 working days.

International Shipping Price

The shipping charges can differ greatly depending on the shipping method and country. Due to our cooperation with shipping companies and agents we can offer you the best shipping price. it’s normally lower than most shipping companies and also safe. We can check the shipping price for you when we know the parcel’s weight, size and your address.

Shipping Tracking:

Or the shipping company official website

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